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About me...


Christian was born on 27.07.2010 as a healthy full-term baby boy in 40 tt pregnancy. Delivery was very complicated (it had to pull vacuum) and then revive. Was transferred to the roux, where two days of almost bled due to rupture stress ulcer. He was taken to Children's ARO. Two weeks later he got very severe sepsis (blood poisoning), he failed almost all of the authorities, was on dialysis because of unoxidized he perished almost 40% of the skin. After a month the ARO Banska Bystrica transported to Kramáre in Bratislava, where he transplanted skin on both legs and the right handle. Also, due to necrosis was amputated part of his right palm and part of the left foot. Twice a week we traveled over 400 km just so we can see for a few minutes. We could not even look because transplant skin was almost entirely bandaged and what was not bandaged, so there stuck "tubes". His mom finally stayed in Bratislava, slept on a mattress on the floor, just so she could suck breast milk, which he administered a probe into the tummy, as a result of major pain kept him first in an artificial sleep and then blunt. Long gave him minimal chance of survival, but Christian is a great fighter and his will to live was very strong and we have it in November 2010 finally brought home. While the rest of his peers went for a walk in the park, we went to check into the hospital. We are monitoring about 10 ambulances. Every day we had predominated, and he treated transplanted skin to get the infection again and did not end in the hospital. Hill was taking drugs that have the effect of carious teeth. Right leg at the ankle can not give up, he must operate his achilles tendon and probably has in it a damaged nerve. Since this started deformed shank, we started going for a recognized orthopedic surgeon in Vienna. He his the leg splint special plaster, suitable for transplant skin. Christian the foot in the ankle got to the proper position, but still have to wear a splint to his Achilles shorten. That he wanted to operate, but for financial reasons we could not afford it. Dr. Moyseyenko of Adeli Medical Center has advised us "ulzibat" - special surgical method. This surgery + hospitalization costs 3,000 euros. Also Christian was recommended because of keloid scars plasmapheresis - exchange of blood. Small is because of these scars shorten tendons, muscles and reduces solidify him bone growth. Already a right arm and leg shorter than the left. Therefore needs rehabilitation in Adeli Medical Center, needs to move sooner, get the node to enable him scars and do not inhibit growth. In 2013, the Foundation has helped us financially J.Korca. From the resources we have funded plastic surgery in the intake, where he collected surgically thick keloid scars, and 2-week rehabilitation center in Adeli Medical Center, in Christian there was an overall slight motor gains, improved flexibility in the joints, releasing shortened muscles and tendons, Christian try harder to communicate s younger sister and also with us.
We know that the Christian will never be an athlete, but we believe that once (and perhaps thanks to your help) will stand on legs.





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